In the spirit of providing you with a single channel to submit ideas and influence SAP products, the Customer Influence site is being revamped. In a few weeks, you’ll discover how to continue influencing SAP through an improved environment and a simplified user experience, providing more efficiency and transparency in the way you collaborate with SAP. As of August 14th 2017, you will find your usual Customer Connection Focus Topics, Customer Engagement Initiative, Early Adopter Care and Beta opportunities on a renewed site but don’t worry, our URL will remain the same!

What are the next steps for you?
You do not need to do anything for now. In time before the changes are implemented, we will reach out to you again to ensure a smooth transition to the new site. In case you have any question regarding the migration process please feel free to contact - stay tuned!
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SAP's Influencing Programs
Participate in SAP’s Market Introduction programs to influence and adopt SAP innovations – throughout the product lifecycle, at no extra charge.
  • Innovate with SAP in current development projects:
    SAP Customer Engagement Initiative
  • Experience a new product release in the test phase:
    SAP Beta Testing (before product release)
  • Adopt SAP innovations early on:
    SAP Early Adopter Care (after product release)
  • Improve existing SAP products by requesting small enhancements:
    SAP Customer Connection and Idea Place
Leverage SAP Product & Solution Roadmaps to learn about planned innovations, as basis for your engagement with SAP.
Your Feedback & Ideas are at the heart of all SAP Influencing programs.
It ensures Transparency for our customers to see all the opportunities to work with SAP and to influence innovations throughout the SAP solution lifecycle.
What customers say about.
SAP Early Adopter Care
"The regular catch up calls were at the right frequency and level of detail. Having a SAP techie on the call helped a lot.
Benefit: The peace of mind brought about by knowing that we had quick access to technical knowledge should there have been any implementation issues."

Tim Nightingale, Bluefin Solutions, UK
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SAP Customer Engagement Initiative
The new list of projects will be available for registration on May 15th!
SAP Beta Testing
SAP Beta Testing offers you the ability to work closely with SAP development to provide feedback on product functionality, usability and quality before the release-to-customer (RTC) date. Have a look on the currently available testing opportunities and take the chance to provide feedback to SAP development teams before the software is even released.
SAP Early Adopter Care
Participate early and benefit from close collaboration with SAP including development to ensure a smooth go-live.
SAP Customer Connection & Idea Place
Submit improvement requests for the current SAP products.

Find improvement projects with a suitable product scope. Find active SAP products sessions in our listing.
Delivered Improvements
An overview of all delivered improvements can be found on the "Project Results" tab within every improvement project.

A comprehensive view of all improvements delivered so far is available on the site below:
Innovation Discovery
Consider a SAP Release or Enhancement Package upgrade? Then check out the new innovations first you might gain by this investment.
SAP Road Maps
Access SAP Road Maps for Line Of Business, Industry and Technology.
For the latest road map updates and webinars see the SCN Roadmap space.
Success Stories
Read about first hand experiences of other customers participating in SAP's influencing offerings.
More News
See the complete list of news from Customer Influence. Make sure not to miss anything that matter to you.