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Early Adopter Care Programs
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Pre-release Registration
Registration before the release of the solution.
SAP Localization Hub, tax service
SAP Localization Hub, tax service provides one central framework for pre-delivered indirect tax determination and computation for more than 75 countries on SAP Hana Cloud Platform.
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CAR Application Bundle (CARAB) 2.0
CAR Application Bundle CARAB 2.0
HCP SDK for iOS 1610
Goal One deliverable of the recently announced Apple/SAP partnership is the SAP HANA Cloud Platform SDK for iOS. This SDK enables new native business apps for customers to fully leverage the rich data in their enterprise systems and reinvent how work gets done on the go. The SDK is a collection of Apple iOS Frameworks built with Swift, to enable developers to build, extend and run this new class of native iOS enterprise mobile apps, all powered by the SAP HANA Cloud Platform and its services. These native apps can conveniently provide access to core SAP S4/HANA data and business processes while taking full advantage of features in iPhone and iPad, like Touch ID, location services and notifications. The SDK includes several key building blocks, including UI elements for the new Fiori for iO
Headcount Planning function
SAP SuccessFactors Workforce Planning. Headcount Planning function. HP.
IoT SIM Management for SAP HANA
IoT SIM management for SAP HANA SIMM is an on-premise connectivity management solution that enables you to manage data and SMS usage to choose the best rate plan to optimize your business needs. SIMM offers an integrated dashboard powered by SAP HANA, allowing users to track and see a multifaceted view of their SIM-based IoT device status, usage, rate plans, and billing, across operators.
IoT client for SAP HANA
SAP IoT Client is a set of services that can be deployed at the edge of the end to end IoT hardware and software solution. The SAP IoT Client is composed of three solutions: Streaming Lite, SQL Anywhere, Database and Sync Client and Plant Connectivity
IoT foundation for SAP HANA
IoT foundation for HANA
SAP AR Warehouse Picker
Transform the mobile experience with wearables and SAP augmented reality apps. Bring another dimension to your work life. SAP Augmented Reality Apps untether your backend systems so you can work hands-free – in the office or in the field.
SAP Advanced Track & Trace for Pharmaceuticals
SAP Advanced Track and Trace for Pharmaceuticals supports pharmaceutical companies to comply with country-specific legal requirements on serialization, tracking and tracing, and regulatory reporting of pharmaceutical products. In addition, the solution supports you to ease data exchange with packaging lines, supply chain partners for example Third Party Logistics 3PL, Contract Manufacturing Organizations CMO and warehouse applications.
SAP Asset Intelligence Network
Seamlessly connect machines and business – with our asset intelligence repository
Collect, track, and trace equipment information in a central repository – with SAP Asset Intelligence Network. This cloud-based hub facilitates collaborative asset management and lets companies take full advantage of the Internet of Things IoT. Operators can access up-to-date maintenance strategies, manuals, and more from manufacturers – and manufacturers can automatically receive asset usage and failure data from operators.
AP BW/4HANA marks a consequent step forward in the evolution of BW as SAP s strategic Enterprise Data Warehousing Solution. Simplicity - The number of data objects will be reduced eliminates data redundancies, increases consistency, and results in a smaller footprint - Administration efforts to maintain data objects and error-prone data flows will also be reduced - SAP BW/4HANA will leverage HANA s data lifecycle features by automatically distributing data to hot and warm storage areas Openness - Customers see great benefit in the possibility to expose SAP BW/4HANA models as native HANA views - These automatically generated HANA views can be consumed in visualization tools like BusinessObjects Cloud or Lumira - Or they can be used by customers to build their own HANA models on to
CPM on S/4HANA is functionally practically identical to CPM on ERP (except for a few not supported features). With CPM we help project organizations (customer projects, capital investment projects) to professionalize their project business and to make project success better repeatable and predictable. HANA optimizations are on the CPM roadmap.
SAP Complex Assembly Manufacturing
Companies that manufacture aircraft, space vehicles, ships, or other large, integrated assemblies face unique challenges. Discover how the SAP Complex Assembly Manufacturing solution gives you the tools you need to accelerate decision making, lower cost, and improve compliance.
SAP Connected Parking
SAP Connected Parking offers parking providers a digital backbone to consolidate parking space availability across locations, reserve parking spaces, publish real-time status of parking space and improve use, visibility and efficiency.
SAP Connected Goods
SAP Connected Goods is a cloud solution that enables users to maximize the value of low cost, high volume assets smart devices through central monitoring and management.
SAP Device Management for IoT by Telit
Collect, transform, and transmit real-time IoT data from any device or machine – anywhere.
Connect with any device or machine, no matter how remote, with SAP Device Management for IoT by Telit. The solution simplifies Internet of Things IoT data collection and normalization – and quickly sends that data to target SAP databases and business applications. Fully integrate “things” with your Web-based solutions, mobile apps, and enterprise systems.
SAP Dynamic Edge Processing
SAP Dynamic Edge processing combines algorithms, syncing architecture, and customized database technology to allow businesses to process much of their IoT data locally, where it's created and needing to be consumed, with syncing and central transmission occurring more securely, efficiently, and opportunistically. This reduces the amount of sensor data that has to be transmitted and thus, the cost associated with data transmission and allows for scenarios where data and insight is where you need it, when you need it.
SAP Exchange Media
SAP Exchange Media SAP XM platform is an integrated online media network that directly connects advertisers and publishers in the cloud, based on the SAP HANA platform.
SAP XM is designed to maximize an advertiser’s return on media investment through an online media network that relies upon real-time technology.
SAP HANA Cloud Platform for Internet of Things
The SAP HANA Cloud Platform enables you to go from sensor to action with SAP HANA Cloud Platform, Internet of Things service.
SAP HANA Cloud Platform, Internet of Things service provides the ability to quickly develop, deploy, and manage real-time IoT and machine-to-machine M2M and remote data synch applications.
With SAP HANA Cloud Platform, Internet of Things service, you can onboard and manage connected remote devices, get real-time predictive analysis to improve intelligence and decision-making at the edge of the network, and optimize business processes at the core of your business
SAP HANA IoT Integrator by OSIsoft
The SAP HANA IoT Integrator solution by OSIsoft joins the power and advanced analytics of the SAP HANA platform with the OSIsoft PI System – an enterprise infrastructure for connecting sensor-based data, operations, and people to enable real-time intelligence.
SAP Insurance Analyzer 2.0
SAP Insurance Analyzer 2.0 consists of 2 separate solutions SAP Accounting for Insurance Contracts SAP Solvency Management for Insurance SAP Accounting for Insurance Contracts and SAP Solvency Management for Insurance are an extension with additional insurance specific business content based SAP Banking Services 9.0 and SAP Accounting for Financial Instruments AFI. SAP Accounting for Insurance covers requirements of IFRS17 IFRS4 Phase 2 accounting principle based on actual exposure drafts and its recommendations issued by IASB. SAP Solvency Management for Insurance covers requirements of actual Solvency II Technical Specifications and its appendices which are issued by EIOPA.
SAP Networked Logistics Hub
Connected Logistics highlights SAPs IoT capabilities for logistics. Besides our on-premise offerings for supply chain execution which are fully featured in the Efficient Logistics Order Fulfillment sales play SAP Networked Logistics Hub is a self-contained business network for information exchange amongst parties involved in hub/site movements allowing for geo tracking and geo fencing provisioning of relevant information to affected parties dispatching and monitoring of trucks. It specifically serves the following roles: •Hub manager – manages geo fences and assignment of geo incidents surveys inbound and hub-internal traffic invites business partners communicates with drivers •New role Site/Terminal operator – monitors site-related traffic is informed about trucks passing age
SAP Predictive Maintenance & Service, cloud ed.
Drive value by lowering maintenance cost and effort through the use of sensors to predict anomalies and imminent issues with assets and products. Assets and products equipped with sensors provide data to predict anomalies, raise alarms and warnings, identify emerging failures for reduced downtimes, improved service and maintenance.
SAP Predictive Maintenance & Service, on-premise
Drive value by lowering maintenance cost and effort through the use of sensors to predict anomalies and imminent issues with assets and products. Assets and products equipped with sensors provide data to predict anomalies, raise alarms and warnings, identify emerging failures for reduced downtimes, improved service and maintenance.
SAP Predictive Maintenance & Service, tech. found.
Drive value by lowering maintenance cost and effort through the use of sensors to predict anomalies and imminent issues with assets and products. Assets and products equipped with sensors provide data to predict anomalies, raise alarms and warnings, identify emerging failures for reduced downtimes, improved service and maintenance.
SAP Revenue Accounting and Reporting 1.3
SAP Revenue Accounting and Reporting 1.3
SAP S/4HANA 1610
Introducing SAP S/4HANA the next generation business suite designed to help you run simple in the digital economy.
SAP Smart Business Service
Smart Business Service
SAP Smart Traffic Platform & Excellence
Increasing urbanization makes it difficult for cities to control traffic. The Innovation Center Network cooperates with local traffic authorities to make traffic in metropolises flow smoothly.
SAP Solution Manager 7.2
SAP offers Early Adopter Care EAC Services to upgrade customers who are using the following processes in SAP Solution Manager 7.1 today: Solution Documentation Test Management Change Control Management Business Process Operations These optional services are focused on supporting the success of your upgrade project for those areas. As a participant of the EAC program, your primary benefit will be the access to the collaboration platform to exchange information with other customers. In addition, you will have the possibility to network with SAP experts on the topics above. Participation is voluntary. SAP Solution Manager 7.2 is also available without participation in the program.
SAP SuccessFactors Continuous Performance Mgt.
SAP SuccessFactors Continuous Performance Management. CPM
SAP SuccessFactors Intelligent Services Center
SAP SuccessFactors Intelligent Services Center. ISE
SAP SuccessFactors Mentoring
SuccessFactors will manage the enablement of Mentoring for Early Adopter customers in January 2017. Administrators and end users alike can submit issues, ideas, or requests via a direct survey link, which will be provided to each customer participant.
SAP Sustainability Performance Management 4.0
SAP Sustainability Performance Management is a management system designed to help companies define, measure, monitor and manage their sustainability performance. The product provides functionality to: Model different sustainability indicators and manage frameworks Gather and calculate sustainability data from people and systems Analyze and visualize sustainability performance
SAP Translation Hub 1.0
To provide users of software in a global market with texts in their own language, translations are required. SAP Translation Hub enables you to satisfy the demands of a global market by enabling you to translate UI texts in applications into additional languages in a quick and easy way.
SAP Transportation Management 9.4
Complete transportation management solution International and domestic All modes of transportation including airfreight, covering latest security regulations Compliance with international trade regulations and Dangerous Goods with GTS and EH&S add-ons. Interactive and automated transportation planning, collaborative tendering. Integrated logistics and fulfillment management, transportation execution visibility and monitoring. Comprehensive freight cost management, integrated freight and forwarding settlement
SAP Vehicle Insights
SAP Vehicle Insights: Create new business models with connected car analytics. Monitor live vehicle conditions and run powerful connected car analytics – with SAP Vehicle Insights. This cloud-based application can help you collect, map, store, and analyze vehicle and sensor data in real time.
SAP Vehicles Network
Bring together connected car stakeholders – auto manufacturers, fueling, parking, quick service restaurants, media and retail – in a business network to monetize connected services.
SAP Yard Logistics 2.0
Simplify and streamline truck, container, and rail yard operations with SAP Yard Logistics. This yard management system maximizes visibility into all yard processes and lets you preview incoming workloads. Take advantage of yard visualization and reporting tools, optimize resource use – and support planning, execution, and billing in a single system.
Transaction Availability for Remote Sites (IoT)
Transaction availability for remote sites allows companies to have uninterrupted SAP functionality anywhere, anytime. It is always available, provides LAN-based speed, and has an easy to use interface – connected or disconnected. Distributed locations can run 24x7 and are continuously in sync regardless of connection so that they can reliably conduct business as usual.
TwoGo by SAP
TwoGo by SAP is the smart and flexible carpooling service for your commute. Just enter your ride - our intelligent technology finds the perfect match. Save time, share costs and act sustainably with your daily ridesharing service.
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