SAP‘s Influencing Programs
Customer Influence gives you the opportunity of collaborating closely with SAP development teams in development projects. Learn more about our two influencing programs Customer Connection and Customer Engagement Initiative and get involved.
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My Influence
Setup and use your personalized page to get recommendations based on your preferences. See all projects you participate in or follow. Have all relevant information combined in one view.
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CC Project List
Submit improvement requests for the current SAP products. Find improvement projects with a suitable product scope on the CC improvement project list.
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CEI Project List
The first registration phase of 2015 has ended. The new projects will be available on June 1st.

You want to stay informed? Maintain your "Area of Interest" at My Influence or follow the CEI Project List via the button.
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Early Adopter Programs
Check what business innovations to come from SAP and participate in our Early Adopter Programs. Benefit from close collaboration with SAP including Development ensuring a smooth go-live project.
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Improvement Finder
Find delivered improvements out of the improvement projects on the SAP Improvement Finder. Browse by Area of Interest or search by keyword to get improvements that matter to you.
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Early Access Programs
Beta programs offer you the ability to work closely with SAP development to provide feedback on product functionality, usability and quality before the release-to-customer (RTC) date.
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SAP Road Maps
Access SAP Road Maps for Line Of Business, Industry and Technology.
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For road map updates and the webinar rollout series schedule see the SCN Roadmap space.
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