Additional Resources
  • Introduction to Customer Connection

    Watch introductory video to the Customer Connection program given by Martin Adam (head of Customer Connection team at SAP)

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  • How to request a Focus Topic

    Focus Topic request process explained in 180 seconds by Katrin Pietch (member of Customer Connection team)

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  • Customer quote on “SEPA”

    Delivery through SAP notes helps customers to be SEPA ready on time. By making the requirements available in standard, large-scale modifications could be avoided.

    “In DSAG, we are satisfied that parts of the legal SEPA requirements will now be included in the product standard via the Customer Connection program.”

    (Otto Schell, Vorstandsmitglied DSAG)

  • Customer quote on “PLM CAD Integration”

    Improvements address usability and performance issues, thus reduces processing time and increases work efficiency, ultimately leading to cost savings.

    “The SAP Customer Connection initiative offered a direct and fast channel for us to achieve long expected improvements of SAP PLM CAD Integration. Now we wish that SAP continues on that journey.”

    (Ralf Katzer, Solution Competence Center CAD & Engineering, ZEISS)

  • Customer quote on “IDoc Monitor”

    The new IDoc monitor is an optimized enhancement of the SAP standard IDoc reporting. It can be adjusted specifically to the needs of employees working outside of the IT department.

    “First project experiences show that SAP did a very good job to ease the daily work with the system."

    (Günter Karberg, ComSol AG)

SAP Customer Connection
  • What is it about?

    SAP Customer Connection is a simple process directed at incrementally enhancing and improving the products and solutions our customers are using today. It offers SAP customers the opportunity to suggest small enhancements to products and solutions in mainstream maintenance, providing a fast and non-disruptive delivery via SAP notes and Support Packages. SAP Customer Connection is structured along Focus Topics, which are suggested by the participating user groups or customer communities.

  • Contact Us

    In case of any questions or feedback contact us directly at

    Learn more

    If you want to know more about the SAP Customer Connection program and how Focus Topic projects are run, please have a look at our introducing presentation

    Standard presentation

  • Get Involved NOW!

    View current and upcoming SAP Customer Connection Focus Topics on the project list.

    Focus Topics

  • Our Goals

    We want to ...
    • Collect Improvement Requests (IR) from our customer base in order to incrementally improve the existing product version
    • Collaborate with as many customers as possible and retrieve a ranked backlog based upon customer needs
    • Provide the selected improvements as SAP Notes and through Service Packs & Enhancement Packages

    Legal Constraints

    Important to notice ...
    • If you submit a request on the Customer Influence site, the Intellectual Property of the idea remains with your company. In order to allow SAP to work with your idea and fulfill your request, your company has to sign a Feedback Agreement (more about FbA).
    • In case the FbA is missing you will be contacted by SAP automatically in order to get the FbA signed as soon and as convenient as possible.

  • Your Roles

    The customers may participate in the project as ...
    • Improvement Request Owner - describing and submitting the Improvement Request and act as single point of contact for this request
    • Subscriber - by subscribing to an Improvement Request you can help prioritize it in order to qualify it for the backlog analysis by SAP (minimum of 5 subscriptions per IR needed for qualification)
    • Follower - you can also follow all activities and provide comments, this way you can stay informed about project results.

  • Planned Activities

    We would be glad if you join the ...
    • Online collaboration via the Customer Influence site to collect Improvement Requests (approx.: 8 weeks)
    • Project milestone communication webinar (Kick Off, Final Call, Selection Call, Delivery Call) (1 hour each)
    • Speakers Corner webinar(s) - SAP will schedule webinars and provide customers the platform to exchange and discuss about Improvement Requests. (1 hour each)
    • Collaboration with SAP development during development phase - Improvement Request owner and subscribed customers will be invited for reviews and to support testing (review webinar plan for 2 hours approx.-/ testing effort depends on complexity of improvement request )