SAP Customer Engagement Initiative
  • What is it about?

    The SAP Customer Engagement Initiative enables you, as a SAP customer or partner, to get early insights into SAP's product developments and directly work with the developers to define and shape future product directions. Three times a year, a list of new projects is offered. In a one-month-registration phase, you can then register for a first (initial) informative call and decide afterwards, if you would like to participate in the projects.

    "I would for sure recommend the participation in SAP influencing pograms and specifically SAP Customer Engagement Initiative projects because it's a clear win-win for all sides and it's absolutely worth to invest your time." (Tamas Szirtes, VNSG)

  • Stay informed about upcoming projects

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    New project lists will be available in 2017 at
    March 13th
    May 15th
    October 16th

    (For older project lists, please scroll down the blog list.)

  • Get Involved NOW!

    View project list of current and upcoming Projects of the SAP Customer Engagement Initiative.

  • Your Role

    Influence SAP's planned products and solutions at an early stage.

    Collaborate and discuss your innovative ideas directly with SAP project Teams.

    Network with other customers/partners who are interested in the same topics.

    Participate in Feedback activities such as:

    Calls/meetings (onsite or remote)
    Testing activities
    And more

  • Legal Foundation

    SAP wants to get your feedback on future functionality. To be legally on the safe side, a Feedback Agreement (FBA) needs to be in place between your company and SAP. We will get in touch with you in case the FBA is not already signed by your company.

    Through the FBA, SAP is allowed to include your feedback. Additionally, confidentiality of the discussions is ensured.

    You can find more information about FBAs here.

  • Contact Us

    In case of any questions or feedback contact us directly at the SAP Customer Engagement Initiative

    Learn more

    If you want to know more about the SAP Customer Engagement Initiative, please have a look at our introducing presentation

    Introduction to the SAP Customer Engagement Initiative