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SAP Early Adopter Care
What is it about?
SAP Early Adopter Care connects customers with products and innovations to help them simplify, innovate, and digitize – fast. The service gives our customers a direct channel to SAP with the support of the Early Adopter Care project lead, enabling two-way communication, improving transparency, and allowing stakeholders to react to and minimize project risk. At the same time, Early Adopter Care can help improve SAP products, drive company strategy to increase adoption, and better serve all SAP customers.
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Check out the Early Adopter Care Overview to learn more about this opportunity.
Your benefits

Accelerate time to value with assistance from SAP to get the latest solutions implemented quickly:

  • Early Adopter Care Project lead to support successful project implementation, including Development interaction
  • Direct collaboration with SAP to safeguard your project and minimize risks
  • Product/Solution related insights and early lessons learned
  • Early Knowledge Transfer  
  • An advocate for your project within SAP
Adopt Early - be among the first to use SAP's newest innovations productively!
Early Adopter Care
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Jump Start Innovation with SAP Early Adopter Care.
Please review technical and release planning information including SAP software product versions, maintenance dates and upgrade in the Product Availability Matrix.
Download your newest innovations via the Software Distribution Center.
Via the SAP Learning Hub, Early Knowledge Transfer provides role-specific learning content as well as opportunities to collaborate and practice.
Our goal is to continuously improve our solutions to meet Customer needs. We invite you to share your experience and with us in a 1:1 feedback session or electronic survey.