SAP Beta Testing (formerly Customer Validation)
What is it about?
SAP Beta Testing is designed for customers that are interested in working with SAP to validate and experience our up-coming solutions. Working closely with the SAP team, participants are able to review solutions that are not yet released to the market, test the solutions based on their business processes and requirements, and provide feedback for future releases.

Access to the solutions is provided under a test and evaluation agreement (TEA) and can be used for testing purposes only. Productive usage is not allowed and is not supported under the maintenance and support agreement.

Your benefits:
  • Test new product versions with your own processes, data and landscape before official release.
  • Provide feedback on the functionality, usability and quality of new products before official release.
Depending on the type of solution the Beta program will be provided as:
  • Standard Beta: Access to the software without any addition support
  • Guided Beta: Access to the software plus support from the SAP team
Beta programs will be listed on the Customer Influence site as they become available, for you to get a complete picture of SAP’s influencing opportunities for your areas of interest.
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