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List of Improvement Projects

Below is the list of recent and upcoming improvement projects or Focus Topics of the SAP Customer Connection program. Click on one of the links to access the project workspaces and submit your improvement requests.

If your topic isn't offered at the moment and also not included in the upcoming ones, please request a new influencing project via your User Group or Customer Community. How to request a new project is also described in the FAQ document.


If you want to get notified automatically switch to tab Blog and subscribe to our posts. You will receive updates as soon as there are changes on the list of projects.


If you are interested in a closer collaboration with the SAP development teams for the new products instead, then visit the SAP Customer Engagement Initiative project list.

Focus Topics in Collection

Continuously Collecting for

Opportunity to get involved immediately

Upcoming Focus Topics


  • Data Archiving & ILM (Information Lifecycle Management)
  • Solution Manager – System Recommendation
  • SD Sales and Billing 2018

We are working on setting up new Customer Connection Focus Topics! Stay tuned more to come.
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